1.  This is a contract for the provision of Toastmaster services made between The Toastmaster and The Client.

2.  The Client agrees to engage The Toastmaster to carry out agreed duties of co-ordination of formalities proceedings services speeches and presentations taking place at The Function of which The Client declares that he/she is the principal organiser.

3.  The fee for the services of The Toastmaster in accordance with The Contract and the timing and method of payment of the fee will be as per the confirmation email to provide Toastmaster Services received from the Toastmaster.   As provided for in these terms and conditions The Contract shall be binding on both The Client and The Toastmaster. The Client should tick the appropriate box representing their signature as agreement of these contract terms and conditions. The Client agrees to pay the Booking Fee which is not refundable but may be transferable subject to the agreement of the Toastmaster. The Booking Fee will be detailed in the confirmation email.

4.  From the time The Contract is effective The Client shall be liable to pay the full fee to The Toastmaster.  In the event that The Function is cancelled or the engagement of The Toastmaster at The Function is cancelled The Client shall pay to The Toastmaster the balance of the total monies due within a period not exceeding seven calendar days of the date of notification of the cancellation.  Should The Client fail to effect full payment within that period the sum due will begin to attract interest at a variable rate commensurate with seven percent per annum above the HSBC Bank PLC base lending rate.  The principal plus interest will become due and payable on the last day of each calendar month (or nearest working day thereto) and while the principal and interest remain unpaid the interest will be compounded monthly by being added to the principal and shall attract additional interest at the same percentage rate as the principal sum.  Further failure on the part of The Client to pay all monies due will result in a civil action being taken by The Toastmaster against The Client in the County Court.  However if after The Client has paid the full fee to The Toastmaster following a cancellation of his services The Toastmaster receives another confirmed booking for the same date and time of the cancelled engagement The Client shall be entitled to receive from The Toastmaster by way of partial refund a sum of money equal to fifty per cent of the fee paid by The Client to The Toastmaster in respect of the cancelled engagement.

5.  If after having entered into The Contract the Toastmaster is for whatever reason whatsoever unable to attend The Function and carry out the agreed duties he will do all in his power to provide a qualified Toastmaster in substitution without additional cost to The Client.  If in this event however a substitute cannot be found the liability of The Toastmaster to The Client shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid by The Client to The Toastmaster to the date on which The Toastmaster notified or attempted to notify The Client of his inability to fulfil his duties.

6.  The schedule of events at The Function has been discussed between The Toastmaster and the Client. The Toastmaster having provided a questionnaire to the Client and The Client completing this document in writing which displays the hours during which the Toastmaster will be in attendance following which the Client having returned the questionnaire to the Toastmaster either by post or email, he will do all in his power to maintain The Function on schedule but cannot accept responsibility for any delays due to the late arrival of anyone attending The Function or due to poor weather conditions mechanical breakdown or for delays caused directly or indirectly by other contractors or delays caused by photographer/s catering or banqueting staff or due to a protracted period of time over which a meal is served or by delays or interruptions caused by any person or persons or corporate body or by any other cause whatsoever or howsoever occasioned.   In the event that delays beyond the control of the Toastmaster do occur and the duties of The Toastmaster have not been completed within the times stated overleaf The Toastmaster shall be entitled to receive from The Client an additional fee commensurate with three percent of the original fee for every quarter hour or part thereof in excess of the hours of attendance detailed overleaf.  At the discretion of The Toastmaster an additional fee may be waived where the excess period does not exceed thirty minutes from the contractual duty finishing time.

7.  The Toastmaster shall take every precaution during The Function to care for and safely handle any item entrusted to him by way of a gift trophy floral presentation or any other item.  However The Toastmaster accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to any such item in his possession or under his care or for any injury caused to any person or persons attending or connected with The Function however such loss damage or injury may have been sustained.

8.  The Client undertakes to ensure that a suitable changing room is provided for The Toastmaster at the venue of The Function and this shall be provided free of charge to The Toastmaster.  Also during The Function the Client shall ensure that The Toastmaster is provided with refreshments by way of food and a one litre bottle of still mineral water free of charge to The Toastmaster.