Every Couple planning to be married want their perfect Wedding Day Venue

07 Apr

A major factor is the question “Where shall we hold the Wedding.”

Is it in your plan to be married in a church or registry office? Perhaps ideally you would like your ceremony and wedding reception to be all under one roof. Most importantly the venue must answer all your needs

Very early in the planning process you will have an idea of the number of guest’s to be invited.

This can be critical to your planning. Will your preferred venue have a banquet room that will accommodate all the guests? Are some of the guests travelling some distance to attend your wedding and therefore will need adequate bedroom accommodation?

Some of the most delightfully magical venue’s, you may find do not have bedroom accommodation. This can be an issue if you want everyone to be in the same place, ready to party through till late into the evening.

You and your partner will give much consideration to the type of venue. Some people are attracted to five star hotels, others like picturesque Barns in the countryside.

If your choice is the latter, think about the logistics’ of how all your guests will find it and arrive in time! One solution is to arrange a Coach or Double Decker Bus to gather everyone at a convenient central point for the onward journey to your dream venue.

Weddings for 100 plus guests on a planned warm summer’s day may take place in a Marquee.

These structures can be very grand with every need taken into consideration. One word of caution – decide how many washrooms you consider should be available.  How convenient are they situated for the guests and is there good access for less mobile family and friends.

You might be fortunate to have a Marquee in the grounds of a family member’s home. A large number of people in a wide open space can be difficult to organise at significant moments during the celebrations. This puts additional pressure on Ushers and the Best Man and really is a golden opportunity to consider the services of a Professional Toastmaster.

Those of you attracted to hotels specialising in weddings, and there are many very good ones, may think it important to seek out hotels who can give you exclusivity for your special day.

Larger hotels will have more than one banqueting suite, and may want to accommodate more than one wedding on popular dates such as Bank Holiday week-ends. If there is another Wedding on the same day as your wedding, employing a Professional Toastmaster will greatly assist.  Such a dilemma as this can be encountered quite frequently and the Toastmaster will ensure the two Brides’s, Bridegroom’s and respective guests will always remain apart, never to meet!

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